An off-earth odyssey Coming in 2022

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Planet of Lana

Welcome to a beautiful planet where humans, animals, and machines live side by side, in an upside-down food chain. Planet of Lana is a cinematic puzzle-adventure where you play a young child, determined to out-think an entire planet.

Beside the obvious terrors of cold-hearted machines and giant monsters, the planet itself is full of enigmatic and vast ecosystems. Lana will need to navigate deserts, taigas, mountains, and seas with no one except her tiny, canine-like friend Mui by her side.

In Mui, Lana finds an intelligent, unwavering companion. And thanks to their teamwork, the journey has promise.

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Wishfully Studios

Wishfully is a game studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s also a joint venture between moving art studio Makers Only and technology company Fully Studios. This creative effort has attracted an experienced team of individuals whose backgrounds include working with the biggest brands on the planet, as well as on award-winning games, played by millions.

Planet of Lana is our debut game. Our long-term vision is to build a studio known for its creative technology, dazzling animations, and ambitious stories.

We strongly believe in being kind to each other, the environment, and to everyone who reaches out to us. So please do that.

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The team working on Planet of Lana is intensively focused on the task at hand. However, our sister agency Fully Studios would love to assist your game studio, advertising agency, or brand in any aspect of game development, from multiplayer programming to reveal trailers.

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